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3 Principles/Health Realisation
The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought
Bryan Ryan
Bryan Ryan

Hi there,

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The 3 principles (truths) understanding or teaching, describes how all human experience is created, it shows us our true nature, as a life force, as energy, spirit having a human journey for a period of time, using the body as a vehicle for the journey.

It teaches us about our innate wellness and wisdom, our psychological immune system, our home base, and it shows us how our emotions work as a feedback system telling us about the quality of our creative thinking in every moment.

After gaining insight into these principles, so many people around the world have cured their addictions, illnesses, fear, and insecurity. They have transformed their relationships in all areas of their lives. Parents have created better relationships with their children, athletes have excelled in their sports, and communities have become more peaceful and much safer as a result.

These days, now semi retired, Im travelling a lot more, and leading a hugely enjoyable different way of life, spreading the principles along the way as I meet with all sorts of interesting people.

Im always available for telephone consultations, so if you want to know more, please just get in contact and well set it up.

All the best,


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